Europe and China Come Together to discuss the Pet Care Industry ‘s Developments

The webinar co-hosted by Zoomark International, Interzoo Academy and CIPS offers a snapshot of how countries are responding to the pandemic, focussing on Italy, Germany and China

Encouraged by the successful debate on the European pet products market held by Interzoo Academy and Zoomark on the occasion of, this new overview of the dynamics and trends of the pet market has been extended to include China, with the involvement of CIPS – The China International Pet Show – which brings twenty years of in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market.

This is the framework for the initiative that Zoomark International (Bologna, 10-12 November 2021), Interzoo (Nuremberg, 24-27 May 2022) and CIPS digital (Shanghai, 17-20 November 2021) are about to launch on their respective websites: a double event with a single focus, namely the state of the art and the prospects of the pet market post-pandemic, in China and Europe, specifically Italy and Germany.

The first of the two sessions will feature CIPS: on Wednesday 3 November it will be presenting the results of its analysis on its partners’ websites, and The second episode of the webinar, online on Wednesday 17 November, will hand over to Zoomark International and Interzoo Academy, discussing the issues addressed two weeks previously by CIPS, from a European perspective.

An unprecedented and very interesting opportunity to gain insight into the changes in the pet population in Europe and the Far East during and after the lockdowns, and how much the pandemic has also affected adoptions. But that’s not all. The webinar will also examine trends in the sales of pet food and pet care products, and look at how distribution channels are evolving – from traditional petshops to chains and large-scale distribution – not forgetting the role and importance of e-commerce and marketplaces.

The changes in marketing strategies will also be explored, looking at digital engagement and the increasingly integrated, personalized campaigns and reviewing emerging new trends, from the growing attention to safety and food quality to the ongoing humanization of pet products.


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