Facing the Blue Ocean: A New and Exciting Chapter for Chinese Private Label

In recent years, China’s online and offline commercial supermarkets and retailers have boldly embraced the trend of Private Label. Pioneer supermarkets and retailers such as Freshippo, J.ZAO, YEATION, TaobaoXinxuan, Yonghui Superstores, Suning, CR Vanguard and Rainbow are reaping the rewards of their venture into the Private Label market. One after the other, manufacturing and retail leaders are realising the great business opportunities within and putting the private label strategy into practice. Many of these retailers have significantly enlarged their investment proportion in Private Label.

Based on the increasing and huge development potential of China’s private label market, BolognaFiere S.p.A. has decided to officially introduce Marca by BolognaFiere Private Label Conference and Exhibition (Marca by BolognaFiere) to China. The presence of Marca by Bolog0naFiere shows the important role that private label plays in the transformation of commerce in China, particularly within the retail industry. The development of Private Label can not only stimulate consumption and development potential but can also be a guiding factor in the Chinese consumer market.

Organised by BolognaFiere S.p.A. and BolognaFiere China Ltd., Marca China International Private Label Fair (Marca China) will take place from June 8th to 10th, 2021 in the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centre. As the first international private label fair in China, it will not only help high quality manufacturers expand their private label channels, but also support them in developing distribution and e-commerce channels. The fair is expected to attract more than 500 exhibitors and over 20,000 visitors from nearly 30 countries and regions, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. Exhibit Categories include food, fresh food, organic products, household products, beauty and personal care products, leisure products, pet food and supplies, packaging/technology and services, and retailers/e-commerce, etc.

By attending Marca China, exhibitors will have access to high-quality supermarkets, modern retailers, social e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, specialty stores, brand operators, Ho.Re.Ca., wholesalers, distributors, agents, and import and export traders, etc. Through cooperation with international and domestic innovative technology institutions, associations, and industry media, the upcoming Marca China plans to launch nearly a hundred special forums and promotional events throughout the year, during which topics such as the sharing of business opportunities and discussion on market prospects will be staged. On top of this, additional public exposure will also be provided to assist companies in maintaining customer relations more efficiently, expanding business cooperation, promoting new products and services, and to enhance brand image, allowing exhibitors to gain the upper hand in a competitive market.

In the Greater Bay Area, Marca China is on track to become the number one platform through which private label manufacturers and domestic and foreign retailers communicate and cooperate!

Marca China Highlights

Strong Endorsement from International Resources
In Italy and the rest of Europe, the interest in Chinese products is particularly high. Having organised the private label trade fair for 17 years, BolognaFiere S.p.A. has created a bridge between Europe and the Chinese market. Marca China will showcase the best of private label from all over the world.

Specialised Sectors for a Wide Variety of Products
Marca China covers a complete range of private label products. The fair showcases not only the active private label fields of food, household and leisure products, but also promotes professional fields such as beauty and health care, pet products etc. With this in mind, the fair will also set up specialised sectors to better serve the wide variety of exhibitors, including facilities for fresh food, organic products, beauty and personal care, pet products, as well as packaging, technology and more.

A Diversified Portfolio of Professional Buyers
The professional buyer portfolio of the Marca China fair will reach new heights in terms of scale and diversification. The fair will attract representatives from renowned retailers including supermarket chains and convenience stores, e-commerce platforms, shopping centres and malls, professional stores, brand operators and agents, wholesalers and dealers, import and export traders, and Ho.Re.Ca.; alongside those from new retail, social e-commerce and international retailers.

Location with Competitive Advantages
Marca China is located in Shenzhen, the centre of the Greater Bay Area, permeating out into the South China market, covering Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Southern China is one of the most prosperous business areas in China, and this fair is expected to provide an international platform for industry professionals involved in product research, development and marketing promotion. Thousands of international and local technology start-up companies and large enterprises have headquartered their businesses here, transforming the region into an emerging world-class innovation hub with cutting-edge technology.

Rich Fair Programmes
A series of high-end professional industry forums, panel discussions, and match making meetings will be held during the fair, aimed at sharing first-hand international insight and providing a deeper understanding of the dynamics of global private label development. The events aim to build communication and ignite in-depth discussion within the industry, and to spark more business opportunities. Leading retailers, business alliance organisations and industry experts will gather to share their experiences and success stories surrounding the hot topics in the industry, and to explore the new methods of private label development. Other highly instructive sessions such as packaging and design, marketing promotion and quality control will also be set up to provide invaluable guidance for participants.

Customised Services for Buyers
Customised professional services will be available to both buyers and exhibitors, helping to carry out on-site discussions and negotiations directly and efficiently, increasing the likelihood of a successful deal, and ensuring mutual satisfaction for both parties. A VIP Buyers Lounge will be available for use to ensure that professional buyers are able to connect with and directly negotiate with the most suitable exhibitors. Invitees include domestic and international retailing giants, as well as a wide range of other suppliers. An exclusive area will also be set up for exhibitors to schedule new product launch events and creative product displays.

Understanding Private Label

Private Label, also known as Private Brand, refers to products that are manufactured by a third-party, while still being under the name of the retailer’s brand, and sold through the retailers’ own channels, such as retail stores, supermarkets and department stores. Modes of production for Private Label include products under the retailer’s label name, retail OEM, ODM and so on. Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Freshippo all have own-brand products. Retail giants Watsons and XIAOMI are also well-known for their large number of Private Label goods.

The Private Label business is not only generating customer loyalty but becoming increasingly varied in terms of the individual products and product ranges on offer. When compared with branded products, Private Label is at the forefront of market trends, offering great potential for further expansion and development.

The global development rate of Private Label varies greatly, with European and American Private Label currently occupying the biggest market shares. At present, China’s Private Label takes up a share of less than 2%, but the massive growth potential is evident. In the past two years alone, the sales volume of Private Label in China has shot up by nearly 30%, which is almost 2.5 times that of the most active FMCG products!

All signs show that this is the prime time for the development of Private Label. This is the time for retailers to get ahead of the competition, expanding profitability, improving brand image, and gaining more autonomy within the dynamic retail supply-and-demand market, as well as enhancing resilience to market uncertainty. For manufacturers, private label mode can improve equipment utilization rate, lower production costs, broaden the scope of cooperation with retailers, and increase the competitive strength of their business. As for consumers and the market itself, private label can ensure that personalised consumer demands are met, and allow consumers to purchase goods more cost-effectively, improving customer satisfaction and quality of life.


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