H2O, the International Water Exhibition, is coming soon in BolognaFiere in October

As one of the leading water exhibitions in Europe, the biennial H2O ACCADUEO organized by BolognaFiere is a fair of industrial supply chains that add value to water. In 2018, it will be held in Bologna Exhibition Center from October 17-19.

This year, the event will focus attention on the concept of “value” that must permeate throughout the sector of water, from civil services to industrial uses. “Let’s value water” is the slogan for this edition that aims to place the best national and international solutions offering quality water services at centre stage. Furthermore, with its focus on public interests, the show aims to build an advanced industrial supply chain capable of giving impetus to the sector.

A quick review to the statistics for the previous edition: 52.453 visitors (ACCADUEO+ SAIE), 329 exhibitors, almost 15,000 sqm2 of exhibition space and 79 conventions totally.

The product sectors fall into 2 parts as below:



The new edition of H2O consists of three themed pathways:

· H2O Urban
The meeting and discussion venue for the entire water services sector, where participants can discover the latest technologies, treatment systems, equipment and services for management of mains water, process water and wastewater for civil use.

· H2O Industry
The section hosting suppliers and producers of technology, treatment systems, equipment and services devoted to water management in industry.

· CH4
The theme section devoted to technologies and systems for gas transport and distribution catering for a sector with excellent growth prospects.

H2O 2018 will develop across five focus areas: Innovation, Internationalization, Digital Water, Industry and Maintenance in order to create in-depth areas in which exhibitors and visitors can find a meeting place between the demand for know-how and the supply of technology.

1. Innovation
Innovation is a key feature this year in order to focus attention on the new technologies that are fundamental to the development of the water network and management systems for industrial water.

2. Internationalisation
This year the event will provide further opportunities for Internationalisation with specific networking possibilities for exhibitors who will be able to meet and hold discussions with foreign experts, designers, companies and utilities.

3. Digital Water
From the perspective of Industry 4.0 and in order to meet the growing demand for digitalisation, H2O has created the initiative Digital Water to shine a spotlight on the technologies for digitalisation, the key element for the development of both the water and gas sectors.

4. Industry
With Industry the event dedicates a space for exchanging experience and best practices linked to the world of consumption and treatment of industrial water. An opportunity to present the most innovative solutions connected to the management of water resources in all of the sectors that involve processes in which large volumes of water are used, such as the chemical, energy, food and paper industries.

5. Maintenance
A theme that cannot be forgotten is the focus on Maintenance; companies, experts and management companies will have the opportunity to present the best technologies for the maintenance and redevelopment of the water networks.


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