In 2023 Zoomark International will be Europe’s leading pet industry event, sharing the title for the sector’s most important B2B show with Interzoo on alternating years.

The torch was officially passed at Interzoo, where BolognaFiere presented the 20th edition of Zoomark International to the press and all the companies attending the event in Nuremberg. The Italian show will be held in Bologna’s trade show centre from 15th to 17th May 2023.


One key focus of the press conference was the presentation of some of the most significant findings from the 15th “Assalco-Zoomark 2022 Report. Pet food and pet care”, which testifies to how the continued growth of the pet market in Italy contributes to the success of a show like Zoomark International, now an increasingly strategic event that is eagerly awaited by companies.


As the General Manager of BolognaFiere, Antonio Bruzzone, pointed out, “Zoomark International has consolidated its position as the main B2B event for the international pet market in odd-numbered years, with Interzoo occupying the spot in even-numbered years, and the two companies have built a constructive, collaborative partnership. The data in the Assalco-Zoomark Report shows that in the period from 2007-2021 pet food more than doubled its turnover in Italy, and this drives us to pursue increasingly ambitious objectives. We were also encouraged by the excellent results of our 2019 event and that of November last year which, despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, brought over 450 exhibitors to Bologna, 60% of them from more than 40 countries, and 15,000 visitors, 30% from 82 countries”.


The rise in the number of dog and cat owners since the end of the first lockdown (2020) has translated to a significant increase in the purchase of pet food, with positive fallout – albeit to varying levels – on the various distribution platforms (Grocery, Traditional Petshops and Petshop Chains).


“In such an ebullient market – Bruzzone continued – Zoomark International is without a doubt the ideal place for the players in the international pet industry to come together and grow their business, get a preview of products and trends, engage with business partners, keep up to date with the megatrends in the industry and gain valuable insights into future scenarios and the most interesting opportunities in this constantly evolving industry, which is always being called on to respond to new challenges”.


While international business is the focus of Zoomark International, the BolognaFiere event also shines a light on the consumer trends among Italian pet owners.

The Assalco-Zoomark Report explores the changes that have taken place over the last 15 years in the relationship between humans and pets, and the role of pets in society, with a study commissioned to BVA-Doxa.


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